Frequently Asked Questions?

As most people do not fully understand the scrap metal industry we have compiled some questions we are frequently asked with regards to our business.

Ferrous metals have iron (Fe) as their principal constituent, with steel being the most common ferrous material. Non-ferrous metals are free or comparatively free of iron content.

We ensure our weighbridge facilities are calibrated regularly by accredited suppliers and constantly monitor our weights for variations.

As stolen material is an issue in our industry and validation of legal owners cannot easily be ascertained, it is Musca Metals’ policy to not deal with informal traders from the street. Our scrap is exclusively sourced from clients using our bin placement services where ownership of the scrap can be authenticated.

There are various reasons why most scrap metal material is sold to scrap dealers instead of directly to the foundries. One is the issue of processing before the foundries can use the material. A scrap dealer will sort out the different types of metals and ensure the sizes are adequate before sending it to a foundry for melting. Another is one of capital investment – should the foundries consider running such an operation themselves, they would have to maintain a fleet of trucks and secure extra premises to dump and process the scrap steel they bring in. Thirdly, most companies do not produce enough scrap to meet the demands of the foundries as they require large volumes of material to ensure their furnaces run efficiently and cost-effectively.

This is probably the most frequently asked question, usually asked in a joking manner. The answer is No. It is illegal to handle municipal property and it is enforceable by large fines should you be found in possession of any such material. Only scrap metal dealers with permits from the municipal council are allowed to process those materials.


Weighbridge Facility

Our weighbridge facilities are utilized not only for weighing the scrap material purchased from clients but are also made available to 3rd parties who do not have such facilities.


Site Clearing

Depending on the timeframe and the clients’ needs, we will either pack the steel and transport it to our premises for further processing or we will process the steel onsite.


Skip Facilities

It is Promel metals’ policy that we must collect all full scrap bins within 24hrs of being notified to ensure our clients reliable and efficient service.


Clear or Recycle your scrap metals, contact us today and get job done within 24 hrs.