Why should you buy your Aluminum metal scraps from Musca Scrap Metals?

Aluminum Scrap Metal is one of the most essential commodities in the world. Due to its wide range of applications, aluminum is one of the most sought-after metals globally. Aluminum Recycling helps to ensure that this non-renewable resource stays available to us. The benefits of recycling aluminum include the low aluminum recycling rates and low requirements for mining. At Musca Scrap Metals, we offer Aluminum Scrap Recycling by buying from companies that produce waste. We source our aluminum scrap metal from lithoplate printers, car breaker yards, other Aluminum Scrap Suppliers etc. So, if you’re wondering where to Find Scrap Aluminum or how much is Scrap Aluminum worth, read on.

How much does Aluminum Cost?

If you want to buy scrap aluminum, you have found the best Aluminum Scrap Sellers at Musca. We offer competitive rates for scrap metals with the best quality products to deliver ultimate value for money. Here are some of the types of products we offer and their prices:

  • Aluminum Bronze: This is a type of bronze where instead of tin, aluminum is the metal alloyed with copper. These are used in a number of heavy-duty applications in high load/wear and tear applications. Known for its tensile strength and resistance to fatigue and deformation, this is a very valuable scrap metal. At Musca scrap metals, you can find aluminum bronze at a rate of R23,805.00 per ton.
  • Aluminum Cast: Casting is a type of process where liquid metals are poured into a mould or form. This is a purer type of aluminum scrap and thus is easier to melt and re-form. It is commonly found in automobile parts and other types of applications. You can find this type of scrap at Musca scrap metals at R8,345.00 as per current Aluminum Prices.
  • Aluminum Copper Radiators: These are radiators that contain aluminum and copper. These consist of copper tubing that is unalloyed which surrounds the aluminum based cooling fins. This implies that it is free of iron, brass tubing and any other contaminants. At Musca metal scraps, you can find aluminum copper radiators at R21,000.00 per ton.
  • Aluminum Extrusion Clean: Aluminum extrusion is a process used in aluminum processing where the alloy is transformed into other items. We clean and process different types of aluminum extrusions. At Musca metal scraps, you can find Aluminum Scrap Metal Price Per Ton at R10,200.00.
  • Aluminum Lithoplates: An aluminum lithoplate is a very thin sheet of hardened aluminum used extensively in the printing industry. The printing plate is treated with chemicals to encourage the image to accept the ink. These lithoplate scraps are sold at R10,500.00 per ton at Musca Scrap Metals as per Current Aluminum Pricing.
  • Aluminum New Soft: This includes softer applications of aluminum and mainly comprises of foils and cans. They are also used for manufacturing a wide range of kitchen utensils. It is a core component of current day electronics and electrical systems. You can find new soft Aluminum Scrap Price Per Ton at R7,650.00.
  • Aluminum Old Rolled: Old rolled aluminum is a type of scrap that contains different types of household utensils. It can often contain other types of wrought scraps as well. If you’re wondering how much is Scrap Aluminum worth, this scrap is priced at R7,475.00 per ton.
  • Aluminum Radiator: These are radiators made of aluminum that is cleaned of other types of additives. As per Current Aluminum Prices, these are priced at R3,678.00.
  • Aluminum Shavings: These shavings are completely pure aluminum shavings from different types of manufacturing processes and are priced at R3,050.00 per ton.
  • Aluminum Venetian Blinds: Venetian Blinds are often made thin sheets of aluminum. These type of scraps are priced at R1,045.00 per ton at Musca Scrap Metals.
  • Aluminum Wheel rims: These, as the name suggests, are pure aluminum wheel rims and are priced at R10,260.00/ton.
  • Aluminum wire: Like the name suggests, these include aluminum-based wires that are used in a number of different applications. Used in power distribution and transmission and even wiring, these are useful scraps. As per current Prices for Aluminum, these scraps are priced at R10,070.00 per ton.
  • Crown wheels: These are gears which have teeth projecting at 90-degree angles from the face of the wheel. These type of wheels or gears are generally used in gears for motor vehicles. Our products are priced at R37,459.00 per ton.

Why should you choose Musca Scrap Metals for Aluminum scraps?

If you wonder where to scrap aluminum or where to buy aluminum scrap metals, Musca is your answer. At Musca, we offer low recycling aluminum prices as compared to other Aluminum Recycling Companies. This is because we keep aluminum recycling prices low which allows us to offer best rates to buyers. Visit Musca Scrap Metals today to work with the best aluminum scrap dealers in the country.

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