In today’s day and age, people have come to realize the value of recycling. Recycling is one of the best defenses against the massive waste problem that is plaguing the earth currently. Scrap metal forms one of the largest import and export businesses and creates a ton of waste. Unfortunately, this is due to a lack of knowledge about and resources for recycling metals. Interestingly enough, if treated right, metals are nearly 100% recyclable. By reducing the waste created, we reduce the need for mining non-renewable resources. At Musca Scrap Metals, we offer brass recycling services as well as scrap metals for sale. Our weighbridge facility can help weigh the scrap and is available to 3rd party dealers. We offer site clearing facilities as per our client’s needs and timeframe. We also offer skip facilities and collect bins within 24 hours for efficient and reliable service.

How do we Recycle Metal Scraps?

At Musca Scrap Metals, we offer services for buying and sorting processes for brass scrap metals. We secure scraps from a wide range of manufacturing plants, street trades, shop fitters, railways, farms and auctions. We also source our metal scraps from car breaker yards, engineering companies, litho plate printers and ship demolitions. The metals are then sorted into 100 different grades of scrap. For example, 13 grades of steel, 22 copper-based grades and 16 aluminum-based grades. For our brass recycling process, we offer 3 types of brass scraps. As Brass Scrap Sellers, we sell to other industries who require brass for the manufacturing process.

How does our Brass Scrap Metal Recycling process stand out?

Brass Scrap Metal is one of the most profitable ventures in the scrap metal department. Before looking at current brass pricing, it is important to know how our brass recycling process works. Our Brass recycling process is done with tools, items and structures where the metal is used. The newly recovered metal is reused as raw material in further production processes. We as a Brass Recycling Center can help you find the best quality brass metals on the market. What makes us unique is our attention to detail and how we recycle our Brass Scrap Metal. We don’t simply collect scrap; we cut or squash it together into smaller, manageable sizes. We also separate any two types of metals that may be joined together. We also cleanse the metals by removing different types of impurities present in different types of brass scrap. At Musca Scrap Metals, you are guaranteed to only find the best quality scrap metal.

What kinds of brass scraps can you find at Musca Scrap metals?

At Musca Scrap Metals, our sorting processes can help you source the exact type of scrap you need. At Musca Scrap Metals, you can find a number of different types of brass scrap. Each of these types of scraps vary on basis of brass scrap price per ton. This is because they differ in quality. The three types of brass scraps we offer include:

  • Brass heavy scraps: This includes scraps like pipes, taps and ornamental decorative pieces. These heavy scraps are generally sent to foundries for smelting.
  • Brass shavings: Brass shavings are used for manufacturing processes and generally cost the least. These are easy to melt down and are one of our popular products.
  • Brass sheets: Brass sheets are in demand for their durability and strength. These are also extremely light and can be cut up into different types of shapes and sizes.

How much is scrap brass worth?

If you are wondering about brass prices, you have to think about the type of scrap being sold. Brass door handles scrap value differs greatly from that of brass shells. The answer for how much does brass cost depends on brass scrap dealers/ Brass Scrap Suppliers and current brass prices. Moreover, it is also important to factor in the Brass Recycling Prices into this factor. Generally brass recycling value and brass recycling rates depend on the types of brass scrap. The price also depends on where we acquire the scrap brass from.

To know how much is solid brass worth, you will have to look at the share market. The same is true for knowing what is scrap brass worth. Prices of commodities in the market are fixed by inflations and other economic factors. Similarly, how much is scrap brass worth depends on the market conditions and the purity of the brass. If the prices involved in the brass recycling process high, the price of the scrap will be lower. At Musca Scrap metals, you can find best rates for brass heavy scrap price per ton at R33,460/ton. Our brass shavings are priced at R14,000/ton and our light and durable brass sheets at R28,700/ton. Prices for Brass generally fluctuate based on metal purity, consumer demands, economic factors and other influential factors.

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