Need Copper Scrap Metals? Look no further with Musca Scrap Metals

Copper Recycling has become one of the major needs of the 21st century. As natural non-renewable metals get scarcer due to mining, a copper recycling center is becoming invaluable. At Musca, our Copper Recycling Process consists of cleaning and washing the metal. We then further remove most impurities from the metal as well at low Copper Recycling Prices. Our Copper Recycling Rates are some of the lowest in the market. We provide the greatest value for your money with our amazing copper recycling value. We buy products from businesses that produce copper as waste and selling to businesses that use it.

Where do we source scrap metals?

At Musca, we take great pride in being a place Where to Find Scrap Copper metals. Our range of copper products are some of the widest ranges in the market. We are one of the top Copper Scrap Suppliers and Copper Scrap Dealers in the market. Our scraps are sourced from a wide range of spaces. We have tie ups with manufacturing plants, shop fitters, street trades, engineering companies and other dealers. We buy metal scraps from companies with a range of added services like skip facilities and site clearing. After we buy the metal scraps, we clean them thoroughly to ensure higher quality scraps. We are also Copper Scrap Sellers and our customers range from ESKOM and Transnet to smaller clients. If you have wondered Where to Scrap Copper, look no further.

How much is Scrap Copper Worth?

At Musca Scrap metals, our prices vary by the different Types of Copper Scrap metals we offer. Our copper prices vary on the basis of How much Does Copper Cost. How much is Solid Copper Worth often depends on the market fluctuations and other economic factors. If you are wondering what is Scrap Copper Worth at Musca Scrap Metals, here is a comprehensive list:

  • Aluminum Copper Radiators: This scrap is made of an unalloyed tubing made of copper encased within aluminum cooling fins. These are found in radiators that are focused toward heat exchange. Made of unalloyed copper tubing and cooling fins of aluminum, you can find the best of both worlds. These are completely clean and free of any types of contaminants. At Musca, you can find aluminum copper radiator scraps at R21,000.00 per ton at current Copper Prices.
  • Braziery Copper: This type of scrap consists of copper that has already been soldered, brazed, tinned or painted. This kind of scrap contains a minimum of 95% copper with 5% brass. Free of other types of contaminants, these include scrap items like painted piping, jointing and braziers. At Musca Metal scraps braziery copper scrap can be found at a rate of R37,000.00 per ton.
  • Copper 1A: This type of scrap consists of bare and uncoated copper wires. These types of copper are often unalloyed and are very pure types of copper scrap metals. At Musca scrap metals, we offer 1A copper at Current copper prices of R52,070.00 per ton.
  • Copper Mixed: This type of copper is a clean and unalloyed type of copper. Uncoated, like 1A copper, these type of solids include items like pipes. You are also likely to find items like tubing, clippings, bus bars and punching in these type of scraps. At Musca Scrap Metals, Mixed Copper Scrap Price Per Ton is around R48,700.00 per ton.
  • Copper Radiators (No Tanks): These include copper radiator scraps which do not feature the tanks. You can find this type of copper scrap at current Copper Prices of R24,605.00 at Musca scrap metals.
  • Copper Shavings: Copper shavings are, like the name suggests, shaving scraps from other types of applications. These are high quality copper scraps and are priced at R35,479.00 per ton.
  • Copper Shiny Bright (1.5mm minimum): These comprise of very clean grade of copper. They are completely uncoated and unalloyed copper wire with a gauge of 1.5mm at the minimum. They are also untinned categories of copper, making them a high purity grade. This type of Copper Scrap Metal Price Per Ton at Musca is valued at R57,890.00.
  • Copper Tinned: this type of copper wire scrap that is coated with a thin layering of tin. This protects the copper from corrosion in rainy and humid climates. It offers protection to the wires in environments with a high degree of heat as well. Tinned copper scrap metals at Musca are priced at R38,975.00 as per Current Copper Pricing rates.

At Musca Scrap Metals, you can find best quality scrap metals from our incredible Copper Scrap Recycling Process. With impeccable attention to securing, cleaning and processing scrap metals, our products truly stand out from the rest. Our incredible prices for copper scrap are absolutely unbeatable in the current market and offer the best value. Contact Musca Scrap Metals for all your scrap metal related needs today.

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