The use of metal products is increasing every year, and with this trend, we have found an increasing amount of wastes. Whether it is an industrial or residential site, we throw away lots of scrap metals. If we continue doing it, how could we save our environment? At Musca Scrap Metals, we have created our environment-conscious team to protect the world from harmful wastes. We have developed this platform to sell various types of scrap metals. Our vast collection of scrap metals has made it easier for the manufacturers and commercial clients to get the right products. We are scrap metal sellers and scrap metal recycling service providers.

Aluminum beverage cans, steel food cans, coffee tins, steel sheets and different other metal scraps are acceptable to us.

Buy battery scrap from us

Several consumers dispose of their dead battery or return their used batteries to the importers and manufacturers. We used to buy those scrap batteries and sell them at the reasonable prices. As one of battery scrap sellers, we sell your junk batteries of all types. We have all types of scrap batteries, available for sale. However, most commonly, these batteries contain the lead and different other hazardous components. To prevent any effect from various battery components, we transport those scraps to our registered recyclers.

Our battery scrap suppliers are highly responsive, and they know the special way of managing them. There is no chance of facing any risk from these scrap batteries. In addition, we are able to categorize the batteries with our skills and knowledge. Thus, get in touch with our battery scrap dealers to buy the right amount of scrap elements at the best price.
You may also look for the recycled batteries. Our battery recycling center has the best technologies to recycle the scraps successfully. Based on the prices for batteries and the amount of scraps needed, we set the right pricing for our products.

Lead Scrap Metal available for sale

We are one of the popular lead scrap dealers. We source the lead scrap from batteries, truck wheel, lead pipe, telephone and different other items. We have learned about the negative effect of lead wastes on the environment. Presently, lead is the most recycled elements of various metals. We are proud that we have also contributed to it with our Lead Scrap Recycling Process.

Some potential buyers have a question- What is the lead scrap price per ton? As we are the lead scrap suppliers and recyclers, we always stay updated of the current lead prices. We rely on the smelting process for the lead recycling. We have the blast furnace for accomplishing this process success. Our recycled lead has also a high amount of purity. Moreover, you may speak to our team to know about lead scraps and lead recycling rates.

Buy scrap steep and recycled steel

At Musca Scrap Metals, we are one of the scrap steel sellers. The professionals in the casting industry and steelmakers look for steel scrap to recycle it and create a new product. We source our steel scraps from the construction sites, car body, roof sheet, drum and broken ship parts.

We have learned that most of the steel scraps are reusable, and that is why we have developed our steel recycling center. Lots of steel mills re-roll the steel scraps for making rods and bars. They also buy our scraps at the best price.

Steel manufactured from scrap needs 74% less amount of energy for the ultimate production. Our recycled steel helps in reducing the emission of CO2, and in this way, we are striving to save the environment. Contact with our team to know the scrap steel prices and to get the best steel recycling value.

Invest in the zinc scraps

Musca Scrap Metals has become one of the biggest importers of scrap zinc. Our zinc scrap dealers can supply you with the required amount of scrap elements. The unalloyed, dry and clean zinc sheet scrap would be useful for various purpose. We get clients from the printing industry and various other sectors. Moreover, we have the special team to check out the qualities of our scrap zinc, collected from various industrial sites. After their collection, we remove the impurities and pollutants. Our abrasion-proof scraps have very high strength. Thus, we find it very easy to melt the zinc at a high temperature. Our zinc scrap suppliers are the most reliable team to provide you with the scraps at the best price.

We have also different other scrap metals, including Pyro and crown wheels. Get the scrap metals of the best quality. We have set the most reasonable rate for these scrap metals. Whether it is for manufacturing or any other purpose, you can purchase different types of metal scraps from our company.

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